My First iPad

While using my laptop is sufficient for most of my tasks related to the studies, there was still a small gap. As it becomes more and more apparent, I need to do a lot of reading if I want to drive my PhD to its final destination. iPad seems like a perfect fit.

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Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: Attitudes Survey 2017

As technologies develop and their applications become more extensive many ethical questions arise in terms of how these developments will affect human life into the future. Of particular interest is how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning will impact on human life in the areas of work, education, health, media, transport, and of course in the area of human relationships, intimacy and creativity.

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Postgraduate Skills Development Summer School 2017

On 15th June I have attended Postgraduate Skills Development Summer School organised by Student Learning Development at TCD. There were several sessions spanned across two days, both morning and afternoon.

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ESWC 2017

I have attended ESWC 2017 - 14th European Semantic Web Conference, in Portoroz, Slovenia and presented a paper "Utilising Semantic Web Ontologies to Publish Experimental Workflows", on one of the workshops. My first conference ever was experience better than I could ever imagine.

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Other Stuff

Together with tracking my PhD progress, which is the main purpose of this site/blog, I would be writing about my previous experience in all things IT.

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The Pilot

I am PhD candidate with the Adapt Centre at the Trinity College Dublin. My current area of research is around the Semantic Web, Linked Data and related technologies; more specifically legal side of it. I am investigating how the concepts of privacy, intellectual property and licensing influence that side of the web. My main supervisor is Dr. Dave Lewis.

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