ESWC 2017

d 9 Jun 2017 | 17 days agor2 minutes read

I have attended ESWC 2017 - 14th European Semantic Web Conference, in Portoroz, Slovenia and presented a paper "Utilising Semantic Web Ontologies to Publish Experimental Workflows", on one of the workshops. My first conference ever was experience better than I could ever imagine.

14th European Semantic Web Conference. Wonderful town of Portoroz, Slovenia.The main Conference run for 3 days, 30th May to 1st June, with several workshops organised two days ahead of the Conference. I presented my paper at the workshop entitled "Enabling Decentralised Scholarly Communication", organised by Sarven Capadisli, Amy Guy and David De Roure. The paper that I was presenting - "Utilising Semantic Web Ontologies to Publish Experimental Workflows" - was joint effort of my colleague Harsh (who was the main author), myself and our supervisor Dave.

This was the very first time I presented a paper in a conference or a workshop. All in all, although very nervous in anticipation of my presentation, everything went very smoothly and much better than I expected. It felt great being one of the authors at such an important event in the field of Semantic Web.

It was great opportunity to meet with the experts in the field, to get better insight of how relevant my research is and determine where to head next. The Conference as a whole was tremendous learning experience, and as it was my first, it could be a defining point in pursuing the rest of my studies.

Plus, the weather, the town of Portoroz and surrounding areas were highly enjoyable. Nice people, food and atmosphere in and around the Conference. I have also met with the people behind the venue and they were tremendously helpful and kind (as I was travelling with family and they went out of their way to accommodate all our needs). Big thanks to Marija.

More info available at Linked Research website.

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